Rent a Girlfriend or Boyfriend in Malaysia

Rent a Girlfriend or Boyfriend in Malaysia
Rent a girlfriend and boyfriend might seem strange, particularly if you live in Malaysia. Some
might even accuse you of taking advantage of people in need or imply that you’re promoting a
consensual relationship GoBuddy Malaysia. However, these services actually do exist, and have been growing in
popularity since the Chinese New Year. Here are some of the most important benefits of renting
a girlfriend or boyfriend in Malaysia. Weigh the pros and cons, and decide if this method is right
for you.

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With its latest ad campaign, Lazada is hoping to make it easy for Malaysian men to date eligible
bachelors. The website has launched a new campaign whereby users can hire a girlfriend or
boyfriend for an afternoon. The idea is to highlight the importance of family and counting
blessings, as many elderly people don’t receive much attention during the Lunar New Year. With
this campaign, Lazada hopes to change that and bring more couples together during the year’s
biggest festival.
Although the campaign has been around for a few months, it is currently being promoted through
Facebook. The service is not officially launched, but there are some details about the campaign.
For starters, the service is available only in the Klang Valley. There are eight “boyfriends” for hire
on the site. Women can pay as little as RM8 for a date, or use a friend’s or family’s help to woo
If you’re lonely, and you’re sick of being alone, Rent-A-Buddy Malaysia is the answer. With a
click of a button, you can hire a platonic friend to live with you for a set amount of time. You can
even pay for your companion’s services and donate the money to a charity, Zero Waste
Malaysia. This campaign is part of Rent-Smart Asia’s Chinese New Year campaign, which runs
until 8 February.

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Meet Girlfriend
If you’re single in Malaysia, you may be wondering: how do you rent a girlfriend or boyfriend?
The concept of renting a girlfriend or boyfriend might be strange to many locals, and it could
even lead to accusations of taking advantage of desperate people. If you’re single in Malaysia,
you can use this service to find a girlfriend in your city. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, either.
You’ll be able to find a girl in Malaysia who can fit your lifestyle, and she’ll even cook dinner for
Chinese New Year campaign
The upcoming Chinese New Year is a time when single Chinese are returning home, dreading
the questions and pressure of their parents. With these pressures, a new campaign has
emerged – rent a girlfriend for a day. This service has become a huge business in China. With

the rising number of single people, renting a girlfriend has become a smart option for many. If
you’re looking for a perfect girlfriend for a day, there are many rental services available.
The Rent-a-Girl campaign has also stepped up its efforts in the local dating scene. Since the
Chinese New Year is also the year of love, the Rent-a-Girl campaign has launched an online
dating platform called ‘Rent a Girlfriend’. The service allows customers to search for a girlfriend
to rent, and will donate some money to Zero Waste Malaysia. This campaign will also help local
communities to reduce their waste.

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