Bitcoin Consumes More Electricity Than Most Countries In The World

Surely, you’ve heard about Bitcoins . It is a kind of decentralized cryptocurrency, which operates in an online medium. Introduced to the world in 2008, it has been growing exponentially and is now worth millions of reais. The bitcoin market is already over a trillion dollars. And its price goes up tenfold in a year.

However, the focus of this cryptocurrency is shifting to the huge energy requirements that are needed to sustain it. This is because the total energy consumed by the bitcoin mining process can reach 128 terawatt-hours (TWh), according to the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index ( CBECI ), which is a compiled by researchers at the University of Cambridge. This represents 0.6% of the world’s total electricity production. Which is already more than all of Norway’s consumption.

“These numbers may seem large when compared to medium-sized countries or emerging technologies such as electric vehicles (80 TWh in 2019). But small compared to other end uses like air conditioning and fans,” said George, an analyst at the Kamiya International Energy Agency.

In 2019, the entire Google operation consumed 12.2 TWh. And all data centers in the world, except those that exploit bitcoin , together consume approximately 200 TWh per year.

According to economist Alex de Vries, who was one of the first indices on this subject, the view is still pessimistic. He believes that the recent rise in the price of bitcoin will intensify its use. And with that, it will increase energy consumption that will surpass that of all data centers combined.

Because so much energy

With the promise of a huge reward for those who “mined” bitcoins, the increase of giant data centers dedicated only to cryptocurrency was fueled.

So-called “miners” solve deliberately complicated equations through the processing power of brute force under the so-called proof-of-work protocol.

This protocol is designed to maintain network integrity and ensure a stable supply of currency. This makes the calculations harder when a lot of people are mining, and easier when the number is smaller.

The system is designed so that, every 10 minutes, the network gives out some bitcoin to people who have successfully solved the puzzle.

“If you have new, more efficient machines, you’re going to use more machines to gain a bigger share of the mining market,” said Michel Rauchs, who led the team that created CBECI.

Because the price of bitcoin is very high and rising more and more miners are operating at full capacity.

Environmental impact

According to bitcoin proponents, the rapid development of renewable energy in the power plant sectors means that cryptocurrency ends up having a moderate effect on the environment.

However, researchers at the University of New Mexico estimated in 2019 that prior to this recent price increase, every dollar of value created by bitcoin caused 49 cents of damage to health and the environment in the US.

But bitcoin does this more difficult. Because it would risk making it less decentralized and secure.

Why Do We Have So Much Trouble Staying Focused On Something?

We all face different difficulties in the course of a single day. Usually, people start their activities in the early hours of the day. Many workers or students wake up long before sunrise. They get ready quickly, often don’t even eat breakfast at home and already leave quickly to face chaotic traffic, without losing time and arriving late for their appointments . They study, work, do housework in general, take care of their health and so on. With that, the stress level increases in a frightening way and some things start to happen with the body and, worse than that, with the mind, which gets extremely tired and presents problems, like the difficulty to stay focused on something.

Losing focus on something we were doing or at least thinking about doing is extremely common, although it irritates most people . Many of us face this problem and, in many situations, we end up blaming ourselves for it. But what we didn’t imagine is that there is an answer to this problem that has become so common and that haunts so many people. And it was thinking a little better about this that we decided to bring this article.

After all, why do we lose focus on things? Check with us below and take the opportunity to share this article with your friends now. We are absolutely sure that the article can help a lot of people. Without further ado, check with us below and surprise yourself.

After all, why do we have such a hard time staying focused on something?

This is a question that many people have asked themselves or even ask themselves daily. “Why is it so hard to stay focused?” Starting to do anything and getting frustrated that you can’t finish because something is actually holding you back is extremely bad. Needing to do a task, a job and not being able to stay focused for more than a few minutes, too. Most of us end up having some difficulties with staying focused on a daily basis. And that’s not our fault.

This is because our brain is getting used to the huge amount of stimuli brought by technology. Advances in this area, which are increasingly larger and more innovative, end up bringing the feeling that the world is in our hands. Without a doubt this contributes to us feeling increasingly distracted and unfocused. Our brain’s constant search for news and updates causes our dopamine system to be activated. This generates in our brain the feeling of small rewards each time we lose concentration. This, in addition to the lack of concentration, also ends up generating an addiction to technology.

Losing focus is normal

When we know all this, it’s easy to admit that losing focus is really something totally normal. It is not a current problem, nor does it have any fully effective solution. Normalizing the difficulty in maintaining is not passively accepting it, but understanding that it can happen without us feeling guilty. After all, we’re all working and connected all the time, and many times, turning off or turning off our source of distraction is like turning off our source of work.